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Thread: Walkthrough Rec?

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    Default Walkthrough Rec?

    Ok so after wasting a few days playing Secret of Mana (omg sacrilege I know!) I'm very excited to start FF6 for the first time ever.

    SoM: I believe my mistake was only playing the PS4 reboot, never having played the SNES version. The SNES screenshots look amazing, as was the music (I set it to classic soundtrack), and I really make an effort to play these games as close to their classic version as possible, but I just couldn't get my hands on an SNES and Secret of Mana cart easily. So I think I basically missed the point of that game... as a PS4 game alone, it's a joke compared to any major FF/Square mainline rpg.

    ANYWHO wrong thread for that... Whats the most thorough walkthrough for FF6?
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