Been replaying this entry since I'm doing my own FF marathon, but starting backwards.

I haven't touched this entry since the OG came out and I finished it before the DLC even landed and never looked back. Now I'm playing Royal Edition with all the patches and it's been an interesting experience to say the least. Definitely one of those moments where I can see how someone who came in later is going to have a radically different impression from us Day 1 scrubs.

New cutscenes that clear up stuff or just add in more promotional stuff. More books filling in the background of the world, a datalog to keep track of characters, more gameplay options like making the rest of the squad playable, more enemy variety with Imperial and Daemon encounters, more music options for the car, and other little tweaks. It's been interesting going through it with just my memories of the original.

I'm at Chpter 6 heading to the Vesperpool to get a part for the boat to Altissia. I'll be playing the first of the DLC soon as well.