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Thread: A Tale of 3 Lightnings...

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    ichigo A Tale of 3 Lightnings...

    Time for some art! I used to post art on here from time to time back in the day so I thought why not post sum'more?

    Here's three illustrations of Lightning I did back in mid 2021 for fun. Over the years I've come to really love FFXIII and it's sequels and Lightning is one of my favorite characters so in typical "me" fashion I immortalized each of her main outfits from the trilogy in my artwork.

    Anyway, let your ol' buddy Slade know what ya think! More can be found at my dA page or on instagram. But I won't shamelessly promote those (yet ).

    All drawn traditionally with pencils and coloured digitally with Photoshop. (I recommend opening them in a new tab, btw. The thumbs are kinda shoddy).
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