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Thread: Superboss Ideas

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    Eureka! Superboss Ideas

    I was thinking about what would happen if FFVI got another remake or if they decided to patch in some DLC for the Pixel Remasters. I really loved the extra espers and Dragon's Den stuff which I would love to see again. But I started thinking about new content to add in and thought of three potential Superbosses I would like to see in some future iteration.

    General Leo ~ You can challenge Leo's Ghost at his grave site and battle the strongest Imperial warrior. He attacks four times and ignores defense but his attacks are unfocused. He takes half damage from physical base attacks that don't ignore defense and he has a chance o no-sell elemental magic due to his Aegis Shield. He can also use his Shock attack that does high magical damage o the party. He can only be faced in the WoB before the Floating Continent. Beating him nets you Leo's Sword Key Item, and if it were me, having this item in your inventory would allow you the option to control your character's in the Dragon Neck Colosseum.

    Emperor Gestalh ~ You may challenge his ghost in Owzer's Mansion by looking at his portrait after you beat Chaddernook. The Emperor is a magic based opponent who uses high level magic and can double cast every turn. If you try to cast reflect on your party, he will use Meteor or Meltdown only and Meltdown will heal him. Defeating him gives you an Econimizer and Gem Box.

    Warring Triad ~ This one is a bit more complicated. After earning the Crusader Magicite and then completing the Dragon Den optional dungeon with Kaiser, you unlock the option to use the Crusader Magicite to challenge the Warring Triad, where you will face all three at the same time. They will have better stats of course and be balanced to offset fighting all three a the same time. Still, they will be the most challenging battle in the game. Defeating them lifts the friendly fire of the Crusader Magicite.

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    Default Neat bosses Kanno.

    I'd love it if there were optional bosses in this game because of how easy the end game can be with good stats and ultimate equips and the best magics learnt. I like the idea of a sparring match with Leo I can't imagine fighting they guy full blown but him testing the heroes strength and skill seems cool. Also, I always wanted to fight Gestahl for all the evil he has done.

    Lone Wolf ~ If you return to the heights of Narshe after defeating Ice Dragon and getting Tritoch you will meet a powered up enraged Lone Wolf. He will curse at you for letting him fall to his apparent death give a speech about feeling the world turned against him and engage in a fight with the team. He has 44,500 hp.. As a boss he is really fast he gets a lot of attacks especially with a slower team. So casting Hastega is vital or having Running Shoes. His regular attack is like the Marshal Rage it deals 50% more than regular attacks. He also has a bite attack called rip&shred that deals 4X normal damage like the Catscratch attack. The magics he uses are Quake and Merton and he absorbs fire. His mgc stat is high so those spells hit hard. After you deplete 25% of his HP he casts Mighty Guard. Then after taking 50% he casts Curaga. When you manage to deplete his HP completely his final attack will be X-Zone then Meteor. As a reward you get another conversation he apologizes and the team gives kind and forgiving words and they share pleasant dialogues and even form a bond with him. As a material reward you get a Mage's Vest armor(Spd + 5 Mag + 5 M Block% + 20/ Cuts all elemental damage by 1/3rd)

    That's all for now.
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