As some may have expected, Atlus is releasing a special edition for SMTV called SMTV: Vengeance.

The game features an alternate path called the Canon of Vengeance which features a new character named Yoko Hiromine and features a new group of antagonists called the Qadištu, the Goddesses of Vengeance. Lilith is their leader.
The new scenario will deal with the conflict between the Bull God and Snake God and deal with themes of the relationship of those who conquer and those who are conquered.
The game features 40 new demons, including the Nahabiho, which is a Jack Frost variant based off the games main character.
There will now be Unique Skills for demons, similar to Persona Traits from their other famous franchise, that help make each demon unique.
There are also tons of QoL changes such as a parameter reset option, faster skill learning, toggling off maps and Miracles, the ability to raise the level cap, and the ability to save anywhere just to name a few.