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Thread: The Final Fantasy VII FAQ Thread - New Posters Please View

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    Default The Final Fantasy VII FAQ Thread - New Posters Please View

    *Please be aware this FAQ contains spoilers*

    Ok, hopefully this should avoid a few of the more reoccuring posts which are always shot down in flames by the veterans here. Questions about the fate of Aeris are addressed at the bottom.

    Q) Will there be a Final Fantasy VII remake?
    A) I have e-mailed Squaresoft and they have informed me that there are several other projects on the go currently. If there is a remake for Final Fantasy VII, it will not be for a while.

    Q) What do 1/35 soldiers, tissues, masamune blades, gamblers, autographs and super sweepers do?
    A) Absolutely nothing. They are there just to make you happy that you have them.

    Q) Will Final Fantasy VII be remade for the GBA system?
    A) No. That was an April Fools joke.

    Q) My friend's, brother's, mother's, cousin's, father's, former roommate said that he was able to get Zack as a playable character without using any cheats. Is this true?
    A) There is nothing that could be further from the truth; well, not much anyway. It is not possible by any regular ingame means to get Zack as a playable character.

    Q) I have read that it is possible to fix the Tiny Bronco and fly it around the world map. Is this true?
    A) No. To be able to fly the Tiny Bronco would make the Highwind pointless. After you get the Tiny Bronco it is confined to shallow water now and forever.

    Q) Is it possible to get Excalibur by putting X amount of mastered Knights of the Round Table in Cloud's Ultima Weapon?
    A) Nope. The first time Excalibur reappears as a usable weapon is on Final Fantasy Tactics.

    Q) Ya! I just got a chocobo that is better than a golden one! What do you think about that?
    A) I would have to say that you are full of beans. The only chocobos are yellow, green, blue, black and gold. Though some of the riders at the Gold Saucer have various chocobos of other colours, it is not possible to get them.

    Q) Is this thing on my neck getting bigger?
    A) I'm afraid it is, and you haven't even seen the worst of it yet.

    Q) Is it true you can get the Turks to join your party if you are able to beat them in the final battle in Midgar in under 1 minute?
    A) No. Nuff said.

    Q) Is it possible to get Sephiroth as a playable character?
    A) The closest to that the game has to offer is when you are at Kalm and Cloud is telling his story. Cloud and Sephiroth fight together but you can only control Cloud during the battles.

    Q) Should I buy Final Fantasy VII?
    A) YES! YES! YES!

    *Right - and now for the most important one...*
    Qa) I have heard that if you are at level 99 when Aeris dies Cloud is challenged to a fight by Sephiroth. I have heard that if you win Aeris is saved. Is it true?
    Qb) I have heard that if you are mean to Tifa she will die in the place of Aeris. Is this true?
    Qc) I have heard that you can get a special item to bring Aeris back to life on the last disk. Is it true?
    Qd) I have heard that getting to the forgotten city within 5 hours prevents Aeris from being killed. Is this true?
    Qe) I have heard that you can find Aeris alive at the Church in the slums if you kill all the weapons by morphing them. Is this true?
    A) The answer to all of these questions and EVERY OTHER rumor about the possibility of saving or reviving Aeris are FALSE. IT IS NOT POSSIBLE IN REGULAR GAMEPLAY TO SAVE HER.

    EDIT BY BoB: One more.

    Q) Who's best, Aeris or Tifa?
    A) That would be Tifa.

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    Good job, Nova Dragon.

    I am just... that ace!

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    Default Chocobo Breeding Guide

    Go to the chocobo farm and buy Four to six stables [40,000 to 60,000 gil].
    This works a lot easier with six stables, if you use four you will need to
    shuffle them around and discharge them when they discharge onto their mates.

    Parent Chocobos waiting to breed again require 3 to 10 battles to do so.
    Newborn Chocobo waiting to breed require 3 to 18 battles to do so.

    Get 2 Good Chocobos [Male and Female]
    Get 2 Great Chocobos [Male and Female]

    Alternativly, you could just get 2 Greats or 1 Great and 1 Good and breed them
    as the parents of two colored chocobos. However you elect to do it, I do not
    care. Many suggest using less parents saves money... which you should have a
    lot of.

    Good Chocobos appear with SPENCERS at the tracks near the Gold Saucer.
    Great Chocobos appear with SPIRALS at the tracks near Mideel.

    Race them to the S class at the chocobo square in the gold saucer. [Note: They
    do not have to be raced to level S, it just gives them MUCH better odds of
    breeding to a color.]

    Mate the Goods with the Greats [or Great to Great] given them Carob nuts which
    can be won or stolen from Vlakorados (found near Bone Village) [get a total of three]. Save before doing
    this and hopefully you will get a Blue and a Green Chocobo of opposite Genders.

    Race the Blue and Green ones to Class S now as well. Fight 3 to 18 battles
    so they can breed and breed them with a Carob Nut. You will eventually
    get a black chocobo. [Note: They do not have to be raced to level A, it just
    gives them MUCH better odds of breeding to a color.]

    Now, you will need to catch a Wonderful Chocobo. They appear near Icicle with
    JUMPINGS. Get one that is the opposite Gender of your Black Chocobo.

    Race them both to the Class S and fight 3 to 18 times. Now, get a Zeio nut
    from the Goblins on goblin island. This island is half grass and half forest
    and is in the north eastern quarter of the world. You can steal them or win
    them from the goblins there, whom only appear in the forest.

    Breed them. You will get a Gold Chocobo.

    Credit: Apathetic Aardvark @

    Now no more threads on it!

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    Default Concerning Aerith... (Massive Spoilers)

    It has long been claimed by many that Final Fantasy VII was incomplete, an intended resurrection of Aerith being left out due to time constraints. While true that the original Japanese release suffered from time constraints, and despite pushing back the release date a full month to work on the game longer, they still failed to add in a pivotal scene of backstory (Cloud's flashback in the Shinra Mansion basement on Disc 3 in which remembers his and Zack's escape from Nibelheim), a boss fight against Diamond WEAPON, the two optional mega bosses (Ruby and Emerald WEAPONs), and a few other small things that were added into the North American release.

    Once the game was released in Japan, they added these things in, having over half a year to program them in. Despite this, many fans having continued to argue that -- for whatever reason -- something as pivotal to the plot as Aerith being revived was not added in during the six months of extra time the developers were given to work on the matter, despite them adding in things like the WEAPON boss battles and a few other things that were insignificant in comparison to such a massive plot element as this.

    There has been rumour after rumour after rumour that Aerith was either intended to be revived or could be. To this day, many who even are aware that Aerith can't be revived believe that the developers once intended for her to be. I now have the proof that such a resurrection was never intended, even from the inception of the idea.

    In the May 2003 issue of the United Kingdom video game magazine known as EDGE (quite possibly the most professional, best organized, and all around greatest video game magazine around), there is a six-page "Making of..." feature on Final Fantasy VII (there's a six-page "Making of..." feature in the back of every issue they release), in which Yoshinori Kitase (Co-Scenario Writer and Director of Final Fantasy VII) and Tetsuya Nomura (Character Designer of Final Fantasy VII) are interviewed.

    During the course of the interview, Nomura speaks about what he intended in coming up with Aerith's death, and Kitase speaks on the fans' responses to her death. Here follows that part of the interview, along with picture proof that this issue of the magazine exists, and that the interview and dialogue I speak of is present within the issue.

    Nomura, concerning Aerith's death:
    Back at the time we were designing the game, I was frustrated with the perennial cliche where the protagonist loves someone very much and so has to sacrifice himself and die in a dramatic fashion to express that love. We found this was the case in both games and movies, both easter and western. But I wanted to say something different, something realistic. I mean, is it right to set such an example to people?
    Kitase follows that up with this:
    In the real world, things are very different. You just need to look around you. Nobody wants to die that way. People die of disease and accident. Death comes suddenly and there is no notion of good or bad attached to it. It leaves, not a dramatic feeling, but a feeling of emptiness. When you lose someone you loved very much you feel this big empty space and think 'If I had knowni this was coming I would have done things differently.' These are the feelings I wanted to arouse in the players with Aerith's death relatively early in the game. Feelings of reality and not Hollywood."
    Kitase, concerning the fans' responses to Aerith's death:
    The world was expecting us to bring her back to life, as this is the classic convention. But we did not. We had decided this from the beginning. There was a lot of reaction from Japanese users. Some of them were very sad about it, while others were angry. We even received a lengthy petition addressed to our scenario writer asking for Aerith's revival. But there are many meanings in Aerith's death and that could never happen.

    And here's the magazine shots. First, Kitase's words on Aerith being intended to remain dead:
    Linkage 2.

    Next, Nomura's words on Aerith's death:
    Linkage 2.
    Linkage 3.

    The proof of the magazine's existance:
    Linkage 2.
    Linkage 3.
    Linkage 4.
    Linkage 5.
    Linkage 6.
    Linkage 7.
    Linkage 8.
    Linkage 9.

    And there you have it. Proof from the Director and Co-Scenario Writer of Final Fantasy VII -- as well as the Producer of Advent Children -- that no revival of Aerith was ever intended.

    I realize that for some here this wasn't needed, but I've found that even among many well-informed gamers, the concept that the idea was once intended was believed. I'm just making this to ensure that the facts of the matter are brought to light.
    I love my Carys with all my heart.

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    Default I'm officially sick to death of the FF7 remake rumours

    FF7 Remake Rumour

    FF7 is not being remade. Square-Enix showed us a tech demo, just like they did with FF6 for the N64, and just like they did with FF8 for the PS2, So far these remakes are still nowhere to be found, even since the N64's production run ended and even with the PS3 being out, therefore they are not remaking the game. (Obviously, if you're playing FF6 remake on your N64 right now, then you can laugh at me as you read this. Same goes for FF8 remake on the PS2.)

    If Square-Enix have not officially announced an FF7 remake, then they are not remaking the game.

    Even if they happen to have it in development, they have not announced it, so until further notice assume that they are not remaking the game.

    Remaking the game would potentially murder the whole rush for people to get their hands on the game with the PSone's production run being over. Rarity adds value to many things, so in order to keep that alive they are not remaking the game.

    People have told me that Square-Enix promised to remake the game if the PS3 turned out not to be backwards compatible, but nobody's ever been able to tell me where they found this, so as far as can be seen, they are not remaking the game.

    People might also believe the remakes of FF1 through FF6 to be adequate proof, but that was because they were far more obscure and more recognition was wanted for them. FF7 is stupidly well known, so as they have no real incentive they are not remaking the game.

    Full stop. End of story. Get over it.
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    Default FFVII PC Version Crash FAQ

    Chocobo Races - On the more recent Windows operating systems, going through the Chocobo Races will crash the FFVII program. An unofficial patch was made that addresses this problem, which can be downloaded from this link. Simply unzip the patch and run it, and it should fix the problem.

    Cosmo Canyon FMV - During the scene in Bugenhagen's observatory, the game seems to crash with extreme regularity during the FMV, right after the shooting star goes by. The cause and fix of this crash is, at the current time, unknown. However, the crash can be bypassed by sending your save file to someone whose game is unaffected by the glitch, and having them run through the scene and send the new save back. The rest of the game may then be played as normal. I'm able and willing to help people through this section, so contact me via PM if you experience the issue.
    My friend Delzethin is currently running a GoFundMe account to pay for some extended medical troubles he's had. He's had chronic issues and lifetime troubles that have really crippled his career opportunities, and he's trying to get enough funding to get back to a stable medical situation. If you like his content, please support his GoFundMe, or even just contribute to his Patreon.

    He can really use a hand with this, and any support you can offer is appreciated.

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