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Thread: Typing and html tricks?

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    Default Typing and html tricks?

    anyone fill me up with EoFF *html codes?

    like the thing?

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    <font color="ff6600" size=1>

    That describes vB Code, which is eoff's html-like thing.</font>
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    This belongs in the Help forum.

    P.S. - Pick up a carton of milk on the way home.

    P.P.S. - That's not code for anything.

    P.P.P.S. - *moves to Help*

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    I have tons of milk in my storage room...

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    Only other one which I can think off which isn't mentioned in the above link is the [oo<B></B>c] tag for
    OOC:ooc stuff
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    That's pretty useful!
    • You learn something new every day!
    • like this! :O

    Though using basic HTML is pretty useful :D

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    This message is nearly useless, but I feel like posting it anyway.

    &#91;spoiler] to open a spoiler tag
    &#91;/spoiler] to close it

    &#91;spoiler]text goes here&#91;/spoiler] yields (SPOILER)text goes here

    &#91;bigspoiler] to open an old-fashioned spoiler tag
    &#91;/bigspoiler] to close it

    &#91;bigspoiler]text goes here&#91;/bigspoiler] yields

    [bigspoiler]text goes here[/bigspoiler]
    &#91;quote] to open a quote tag
    &#91;/quote] to close it. Try to avoid placing line breaks after the &#91;/quote] tag as said tag automatically places two anyway.

    Thus: &#91;quote]text goes here&#91;/quote] yields
    text goes here
    &#91;code] to open monospaced text in a Quote-like display
    &#91;/code] to close it

    &#91;code]text goes here&#91;/code] yields
    text goes here
    The same warning goes for Code tags as with Quote tags.

    To get monospaced text without using the code tags, you can use:

    &lt;pre&gt; to open preformatted (monospaced) text
    &lt;/pre&gt; to close it.

    &lt;pre&gt;text goes here&lt;/pre&gt; yields <pre>text goes here</pre>And again, there&rsquo;s the spacing issue.

    The &lt;font&gt; tag is one of the greatest things on earth. It has many different uses:

    &lt;font size=4&gt;text goes here&lt;/font&gt; yields <font size=4>text goes here</font>
    &lt;font color=BFBFFF&gt;text goes here&lt;/font&gt; yields <font color=BFBFFF>text goes here</font>.

    You can also change font face and some other things I don&rsquo;t feel like messing with. If you&rsquo;re that interested, you can probably look them up on the Web.

    For the font color tag, by the way, the first two digits in the value are the hexadecimal value of the red aspect of the text color, from 0 to FF (255). Green and blue follow in a similar fashion, so the value is RRGGBB. Yep.

    You can also use the &#91;size=#] and &#91;color=######] tags, as below:

    &#91;size=1]text goes here&#91;/size] yields text goes here
    &#91;color=BFFFBF]text goes here&#91;/color] yields text goes here.

    There are plenty of predefined colors already, which you can select with the controls at the top of the post editor.

    If you want to use a creative link, you can use &#91;url=&lt;url goes here&gt;] to open the link and &#91;/url] to close it, as follows:

    &#91;url=]click here to visit my webpage&#91;/url] yields click here to visit my webpage.

    &#91;B]text goes here&#91;/B] yields text goes here.
    &lt;B&gt;text goes here&lt;/B&gt; also yields text goes here. With the &lt;&gt; tags, you have to make sure that you&rsquo;re using the same number of openings and closings, or else the rest of your message will be formatted in bold.

    Along similar lines:

    &#91;I]text goes here&#91;/I] yields text goes here.
    &lt;I&gt;text goes here&lt;/I&gt; also yields text goes here.
    &#91;U]text goes here&#91;/U] yields text goes here.
    &lt;U&gt;text goes here&lt;/U&gt; also yields <U>text goes here</U>.
    &lt;STRIKE&gt;text goes here&lt;/STRIKE&gt; yields <STRIKE>text goes here</STRIKE>. I don&rsquo;t know if there&rsquo;s a vB code for struck-through text, which is a shame, really, since I, personally, love using strikethrough.

    Finally, a word on the ooc tag:

    &#91;ooc] to open it, &#91;/ooc] to close it. &#91;ooc]text goes here&#91;/ooc] yields

    OOC:text goes here

    &ldquo;ooc&rdquo; usually stands for &ldquo;Out of character&rdquo; and is apparently used in online role-playing games to indicate text that a game player, rather than his/her character, speaks. On the forums, it stands for &ldquo;Out of context&rdquo; and is used to mark off-topic text.

    As for the tags, there are tons of options on what kinds of formatting and stuff you can use. Don&rsquo;t go crazy with these options, but if you use them tastefully, they can easily make your posts more interesting to read and possibly even easier on the eyes.

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