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Thread: who says FFIX isn't the best?

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    I really like this game. It has the most in depth story in my opinion. It also has the best characters. To me Zidane is what I wanted Squall to be like. TO me Squall was way to depressing. Zidane on the other hand ways always there and ready to help the people he loved.

    He ways also always trying to get people to see past who they were. In example of this is with Steiner.

    I also liked how he woudl do anything to help Vivi find out about who he was. I have played this FF game more then any other FF game.
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    Nope, just a tearful hug. The kissing probably came later, though
    I get you there!

    ...garnet...and raping and torturing her.
    *Sees garnet in a chair, tied up and brusied...* Oh! OH! They should have had Kuja and his guys kidnap her for a while and do that! Then she could come back with 1 hp and be shaking badly. Then only hints and context clues would give away what had happened. That would power people to want to kick Kuja's ass, or if they hated her, give him a hi-5.
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    I didn't think FFIX was the best of the Final Fantasy games. I thought it was average game in the Final Fantasy genre. I loved the story and I have to admit, I was whistling final song of the game for quite a while. Also, I liked the hidden blackjack game at the end of the game, but that's beside the point. I loved FFVII more than any other game. VI was good too, but I loved VII. VIII was a very fun game, but I don't think it belonged with the other Final Fantasy games. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed Final Fantasy VIII, but I didn't like the change in equipment, abilities, stats, etc., etc. Not to mention I didn't like the personalities of a few characters and to me, the plot of the game was somewhat...lacking. FFIX is one of the best games overall, but only average compared to the other Final Fantasy for a few reasons. Maybe it was just because I was about 10 levels ahead of where I was supposed to be the whole game, but I found this game extremely easy. I didn't die once the whole game. I beat Kuja and all of the bosses, including Necron without using healers. In fact, none of my characters died in the fight against Trance Kuja or Necron, even with Kuja casting...trout...what was it? Something flare every turn. He casts that ever turn if Zidane is a higher level than him when you get to him, otherwise he uses his normal spells. Anyways, I had ever skill, all but a few abilities, and almost every weapon (Excluding Excalibur II), and it seemed way too easy. At least in Final Fantasy VII I died every now and then. Hell, where is the Omega Weapon, Ruby Weapon, and Emerald Weapon. We get Hades, who dies extremely quickly if your guys are level 70 or higher, and Ozma (a friggin sphere). Sure, Ozma is hard to kill, but all the Weapons were so much cooler to fight. I didn't dislike the fact that you had to have weapons on for the abilities to work until you get enough AP (at least it's better than FFX's sphere system......GOD I HATED THAT GAME), but let's just say it wasn't my favorite aspect either. I did love the story, but there are too many flat characters. Amarant had such potential, but he only has a few dialogues in which it always seems the same. He can't understand why Zidane helps people who haven't done anything for him or stuff like that. His past is just grazed when he talks about how his whole life, fighting is the only way that he's been able to get by, and when he mentions his parents quickly before Zidane goes to meet Garland. Freya too is subjected to this lack of info. You know that she and Zidane are friends, she is in love with that other...rat person, he doesn't remember her, she's crushed, she wants to help Zidane.....but what else? She's still in the group after disk 1 and 2, but those are the only 2 disks that she is somewhat important or talked about. Vivi is gone in depth with. Hell, we see all the other black mages and they have their own damn town that you can go to and they play a part in the story (equipment-wise). Freya's towns are either blown to bits, or are attacked and are filled with weak enemies after that. Also, it has been mentioned before, but some of the characters just don't fit in. Zidane...alright the tail is understandable. It could happen. I liked the look of Amarant, even with the completely pale skin. Garnet looks normal (o.-), Eiko has the horn thing going on. At least they all resemble humans here. But then there is Quina. I have to say, that is one of the stupidest characters I have ever seen. Not to mention the random damage doesn't make up for his/her/it's looks and cajun-style speech. I'm kinda tired, so I'm not going to go more into this. I don't think FFIX was terrible. Just not my favorite. Left too many loose ends for me at the end. I did like playing the game. Hell, after I beat the game, I went back to the last save and I now have over 130 hours on the game and my characters are all almost level 99. The side quests are fun, the main story is fun, and hell, I'll admit that the eidolon scenes are completely bad ass, but the characters are what I have the biggest problem with.
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    I've played all the FFs except 3 and 10(which I will probaly play soon). I have beaten 4 of them and am at the end in the rest of them except 1&2(even though I got Origins the day it came out).FF6 is the best 9 is the second best. It might have been the best if it was more in-depth with the story or let you expl;ore more. I always wanted to see a world map of Terra.

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    Quite a handful that said that but I am getting Quina eat them.

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