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Thread: The thief is a waste of space

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    I can't say much about the Thief, first time I completed the game I used White mage, Red mage, Warrior and Monk. Now I'm playing it over again with a White mage, Black mage, Warrior... and yes a Thief... I'm at the earth Cave and I haven't found anything good with him yet so I take that what everyone had said about this class is correct, will see if he gets any better as a Ninja with some black magics.

    Edit: Thief sucks but Ninja owns
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    In Origins, I got to the Marsh Cave with my F/T/WM/BM party, before the Thief's castration became too painful for me to continue.

    Now I use F/RM/WM/BM with much success, right now I'm at the Earth Cave.

    BB's still suck, btw.

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    I made a thief just so I can kill it and let it knows its worthlessness in life.

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    At least the Ninja upgrade gets a full set of LV1-LV4 magic spells.

    I always disliked the arbitrary spell list of the Knight;
    like, seriously, he can learn ALIT and AFIR, but not AICE or AMUT?
    And he also cannot learn the very basic spell PURE for some reason.

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