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Thread: FF1 real names?

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    I sometimes pick these names for Fighter, White Mage and Black Mage:

    Fighter - Dan
    White Mage - Elia
    Black Mage - Owen

    These names work pretty well to me;
    for some reason they "sound" like their respective jobs, so I like them a lot.

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    I wonder if Dr Unne got over his baby hate.
    Or discovered that black belts are amazing.

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    Yes and no.

    There have been adaptions of the story where official names are given, but they are not considered canon. Hell, even going by mythology surrounding FFI in spin-offs or XIV, it's debatable if there were four Heroes of Light or simply just one.

    In 1989, there was a manga adaption by Yuu Kaimeiji. It is radically different from the plot of the game and heroes are really just Puffy the Red Mage, Fritz the Black Belt, and DB-6 the robot that fell from the Sky Tower.

    In 2012, as part of the 25th anniversary celebration, SE asked Takashi Umemura to write novelizations for the first three FF titles. FFII had named characters, FFIII uses the DS names, and FFI had Setro the Warrior, Zuaver the Thief, Flora the White Mage, and Teol the Black Mage as the Warriors of Light.

    It would be interesting to ask Sakaguchi or Kenji Terada (scenario writer) what names they would have given to them.

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    All I know is naming the Warrior Cid should be canonical
    Christ figure declares crisis averted! Creativity restored!

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