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    i have done everything else, i got worker and reis in the dragon form, but when i open the way to go to Nelveska Temple in the map. I can't go in. Is there something that i may have done wrong or that im missing. Hope anyone of u will help me in this trouble.

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    Have you visited Goug Machine City recently? I know that you have to visit there a few times and hang out with Mustadio's dad to get some of the events to unfold. Other than that I'm not too sure. I'm sure that Nakor can help you out here. He's played this game 1,001 times and is really knowledgable about it.
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    Go to goug. Also take a low brave unit with move find item and Reis, Since in the pillars there are the Javelin II and Escutcheon II. You need high jump, and Reis aside a pillar, and move find item, you need to have low brave, if not you'll only get the crappy wepons of javelin and escutcheon.

    I'll would recomend to take a unit with a default jump of 4, equip him some germinas boots, and pray it survives.

    You can also find the Nagra rock and Sasuke knihfe there.+
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