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Thread: Did anyone else think Hades was a total pushover?

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    I thought he was. o_O

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    hades is simple. how can he do much damage sitting in a chair!? i beat him with a team:
    zidane lvl 54
    steiner lvl 52
    vivi lvl 50
    dagger lvl 49

    pummeled him with bahamut and grand lethal.
    tip: put your whole team in the back row to lower the damage of cleave and other such attacks.

    p.s did i mention i did not have bolt3, fire3, ice3 or flare? this was my first try of the game though...

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    Hades can be hard if you don't take him out early... Which I learned the second time through the game.
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    Default Huh

    Whats the big deal about Hades...He's kinda easy...I just used Shock and beat the crap outta him before he even uses his sword. My characters were only 40+ in level...

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    He was way to easy.
    Try to kill Ozma he is really, really hard.

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    I'm a compulsive under-leveler. I do, however, manage to beat most of the bosses I face in one try, so one could say I'm pretty good. I'd like to point out, however, that I don't go looking for every single extra I possibly can, which makes me that much better. If I don't kill a boss the first time, I generally drop its ass pretty quickly the second time.

    However, I'm still on disc 3 of FF9, and I'm too busy doing other things [school, programming, roleplaying, and the like] to try and get further. Despite all that, I don't mind being spoiled, because words aren't going to prepare me sufficiently for the actual thing. Basically, what I'm saying is, if I manage to smack Ozma's ass at a level under 49, I'll be sure to let y'all know.

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    I wish you the best of luck if you try that. I was around level 80 before I ever thought about going back and fighting Ozma. Good luck my man.
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    the only hard thing in this game is that jerk in chocobos garden, everything else is easy - completed the game at late lv40 to mid lv50s on my first try means i can say that


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    Hades scares me as a kid. I tot it was supposed to be as cute as the one from Disney.

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    Ha-deez nuts.

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