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    Heres a picture of the fabled hero of my master piece Desteny's Heroes, Joel Hiland.
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    Pretty good. You drew him like ancient Egyptians drew people. Top half of the body is in a front-on view, bottom half is in a profile view. Compare with this for example.

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    I ment to draw him sort of facing diagonally but I messed up on the placement of the feet bit Im gonna try and improve on that, heres a pic of Joel Hilands arch nemisis, Niaps Elo, the one man who persutes Joel to try and kill him while at the same time they must work together to defeat Marqett.
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    Cool pic, I like the sword Yeah something about the position is a little off but hey it's still good. Colour it! Hehe.

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    I have a coloured version at home that I coloured on paint, Ill put it up maybe when I get home but Im in class now.

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    The main problem in the pic is the angle, and portions.
    Guidelines help out a lot with that.
    The overall design is pretty good, but the angle throws me off a bit. Maybe using some reference will help you with the pose and angle you're looking for. Done up a little, and colored, I'm sure it will look great. You gotta post more pics of this guy..^^

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    Ill glady postm ore but my fricken scanner is taking forever to get here.

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