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Thread: [A] Poses and Inspiration..

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    [A] Poses and Inspiration..

    I'm having a lot of trouble lately, drawing.
    I'm getting stuck on things like the poses, because I really hate doing the same boring poses over and over. Another thing is, I may want to draw something, but just not be inpired enough to do so.
    Does anyone know of a good site, like perhaps a How to Draw Manga-like site that has some good poses, or a site that you really like to go to for good art inspiration?
    If you have an art site, I'd be glad to check it out, too.
    Any replies are greatly appreciated! Thanks.

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    I know how you feel Alicia, I get that all the time, usually cos I can't draw any pose other than a forwards one, and can't even get that right most the time.

    A couple of good "how to draw manga" type sites, which you may or may not know of already are:

    Other than that I would say that I sometimes look at other people's art when I want inspiration, not to copy but just to get ideas of poses they have done. Sites like and are good for browsing other people's art.

    Also sometimes if I want to draw a character in a different pose but am not sure what, or if I'm not sure how to draw that pose, I will look at a photo of someone, like a celebrity/pop star in an interesting pose and try and draw a character like that.

    I get so many uninspired phases though I'm in one right now, I drew a picture of Kuja but just can't get the motivation to colour it... Ah well hope this helps you a little

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    Maybe just look for picture of real people and use those as models. Find pictures of people walking or running or whatever, it shouldn't be hard to find some. Then base your pictures on that. I think it's much easier to have a model to look at than to try to think up or invent something from scratch, especially when you're dealing with something like the human figure. Unless you study anatomy, which many artists apparently do. Either way, you need to have an understanding of how the human body works in real life.

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