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Thread: [A] collages of mine

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    [A] collages of mine

    I really don't have any drawing abilities on my own, I just make collages of others work. Here are two.

    a FF8-themed collage~Rinoa, Squall, and Quisits


    a gundam wing based collage~Relena and Heero

    sorry if they are a bit big. I have others but they are my earlier ones and so are pretty crappy. I'll post more as I can think of them, have time to make them, and that they are welcome here.

    Critique, respond plz.
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    The FF8 one has a nice concept, but I think it could be layed out better. I'd try blending it a bit more, Squall kinda sticks out too much... and the cloudiness(?) of Quistis and Rinoa on the left and right (respectively) is a nice effect, so maybe you should do something different with Squall and get rid of the Rinoa and Quistis faces above and below him. I think it's just a problem with getting it balanced... especially on the right side.

    I really like the Gundam Wing one, too... but again, it seems a bit off balance... I don't really have any recommendations for that one... but... hm... maybe try to get the images so they're not so stretched out.

    Hope that helps. ^^

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