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Thread: Annoying people that are jelouse

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    Default Annoying people that are jelouse

    This morning i was shocked. Some idiot posted this in my "speakbox":
    (my speakbox is a small "shoutbox" of some sort thats on my site )

    This art...

    really sucks, it's all malproportioned, the girls don't look hot they look freaky,if your gonna draw erotic art, atleast learn how to draw breasts!
    Whats wrong with him / her?
    Have you ever had stuff like this thrown at you ?
    What can i do to get rid of this type of people?
    ...... I think he's jelous.

    .............I feel sad now...... Hug me ?

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    I've heard that trout a lot... you know what? Blow it off. People who say that stuff to me, I always remark: "Can you do better? No? Shut your cake hole then!"

    Even if they show their work, I still act arrogant and rip their artwork apart, pointing out every single minute mistake they made. Or I just bitch about what I don't like.

    That's just me.

    Don't worry, there are ass holes that will say that stuff, but hey... you're good, so don't let it bother you.


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    Forget about him. Though I know critique like that can hurt. He was being a jerk, forgive him his stupidity. *Hugs*
    Is that so...

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    Yeah,I got loads of crap when I posted my Amy pic on a Sonic forum.They turned around and told me I couldn't draw
    Don't let it get 2 u,they're just idiots

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    dont care wat other says!!! most important is u know your skills!!! i know u're good!!! muahahahahahaa

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    Pfft what a jerk *hugs* you draw really well. Obviously the guy has no sense of art.
    Too big.

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