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Thread: High scores/winning streaks

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    Default High scores/winning streaks

    Marvel Vs Street Fighter at the arcade, my No.1 score at the arcade has been there for about a year and nobody has ever touched it yet.

    Street Fighter 3: Thrid Strike- Strait B ranking with Ken.

    Got any high scores you're proud of?

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    92 second clear time on expert difficulty of minesweeper is a point of pride.

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    2nd ranking on Virtual On: Oratorio Tangram. There's no way I could beat the top player in....oh, the GTA would be a safe bet. Ontario maybe. Blasted under 6 minutes impossible haxor!!!!

    (it's a literal 3-D mecha fighter with ten stages and best out of 3 in 8 of the stages (mid boss and final boss single round), so under six minutes is quite insanely impressive, if not scary)

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