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Thread: Help needed, skies of arcadia (possible spoilers)

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    Default Help needed, skies of arcadia (possible spoilers)

    I've just left the temple in the desert and the red giga (recumen) has poped up, i need hints on fighting this thing.
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    I think you have to knock it off balance with one of the ship's strong weapons. You know how that grid works where you put your moves in, right?

    I think you have to hit it before the Red square, and I think it knocks it off balance.

    It's been awhile since I've played it, but I think that's what you're supposed to do.
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    The thing with Recumen is that the battle can't be won. The whole point is to stay alive and do damage until the fight ends by your characters realizing they can't win.

    You can avoid the ray Recumen spits out one of its mouths by doing enough damage to it the round before it fires to knock it off balance. I think you need to do somewhere around 800 points of damage for it to work though.

    (SPOILER)The real fight is after Recumen when you fight Belleza. If you used too many resources surviving the fight with Recumen, you may have a hard time with Belleza cause she can pack quite a punch with her magic cannons.
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