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    Who here plays Dragonrealms? It's really fun. Someone told me in an old post that it was a type of MUD. If someone knows of a MUD that is really close to Dragonrealms, tell me what it is. Thanks a lot. Also just tell me about your adventure in the Realms.

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    I played Gemstone III back in the day. Gemstone III and Dragonrealms are very similar from what I've heard. That was years back though.

    I just checked out the website, it's called Gemstone IV now? What will they think of next?

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    Yeah, Gemstone and Dragonrealms are both made by the same people, so they're pretty close. I played Gemstone III once, but it wasn't like DR so I stopped playing it. Dragonrealms was so cool though. I wish I could play it again. And Gemstone costs to play just like Dragonrealms.....oh well. Anyway, if anyone has a spare account on DR that they aren't using at the moment, you think I could use it? Much Thanks.


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