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Thread: All-Time NBA Teams

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    Default All-Time NBA Teams

    Well, I was assigned for a Sports class I'm taking to choose a sport and make 3 all-time teams for it. I picked the NBA, 'cos that's what I know the most about. Help me out by posting YOUR all-time teams.

    1st Team:
    C Wilt Chamberlain
    PF Karl Malone
    SF Julius Erving
    SG Michael Jordan
    PG Magic Johnson

    2nd Team:
    C Bill Russell
    PF Moses Malone
    SF Larry Bird
    SG Oscar Robertson
    PG Bob Cousy

    3rd Team:
    C Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
    PF Bill Walton
    SF Dolph Schayes
    SG Jerry West
    PG Walt Frazier

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    First team

    PG - John Stockton
    SG - Michael Jordan
    SF - Larry Bird
    PF - Karl Malone
    C - Kareem Adbul-Jabaar


    PG - Isiah Thomas
    SG - Clyde Drexler
    SF - Magic Johnson*
    PF - Tim Duncan
    C - Hakeem Olajuwon


    PG - Pete Maravich
    SG - Julius Irving
    SF - Wes Unseld**
    PF- Oscar Robertson
    C - Wilt Chamberlin

    * Magic generally played PG, even though he was 6'9"...but he can run that small forward position, as he did during those finals against the Sixers(though he mainly played as center).

    ** Wes Unseld was a power forward and defensive of, if not the most, prolific rebounder in history. He was 6'7" yet led the league in blocks like 5 times. He couldn't dribble like a small forward...but mainly defended small forwards and power forwards.

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