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Thread: Ninja Gaiden

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    My God...

    I just got this game and it is...AWESOME!

    Beautiful, beautiful game.

    So damn hard too.

    It's a good kind of hard, too. The kind of hard that makes you want to keep playing. Not the cheap kind of hard like in Maximo. It's the kind of game where you die and you know it was your own fault for screwing up.

    I spent an hour on the second boss last night. He was so hard! I just love that kind of challenge, being a Ghosts N Goblins veteran myself.

    I'm currently at the third chapter. I'm trying to play this game and Legend of Dragoon at the same time, so I might take twice as long to finish it.

    Overall, I like what I see.

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    Ninja Gaiden on the Sega Master System was a great game.

    Never played the X-Box version, and probably never will though.

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    I've been waiting for an excuse to buy an X-Box. Anyone think that Ninja Gaiden is good enough to buy a system for? As of yet, the only thing holding me back from buying an X Box was that it didn't have any console specific titles of interest. PS2 has the FF's and Gamecube had PSO 1&2, and when Soul Calibur II came out, I was best off just getting it for Gamecube. The only game that ever tempted me to an X Box is Steel Battalion. Is Ninja Gaiden for X Box really as great as people are raving? If so, I might save a paycheck or two and pick one up.
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    I would say check out this website (forums may not be working as they have had problems as of late).

    I go there and read all their crap all the time. I would go into the X-Box or Microsoft forum and see what people have to say. There is a guy Barnoble who is reviewing the game and gave it a 7.7 or something. I would read his thread to see what he has to say and all the arguments against it.

    I admit I am greatly bias towards this game. I hated shinobi and I love Ninja Gaiden. I always have. So I am a huge fan of the series from day that have long pasted.

    I am also looking for a good ol' point based game to keep me play(I don't care much for shooters) and this game more than succeds. They go beyond just getting a high combo. Each encounter you get into has a time limit to earn 10,000 points on. That is more than you will ever get for getting a combo. Then there is the overall time in which you beat the level as well as how much magic you have left. There is the number of enemies you have killed(I want to say this is based off of if you killed everyone possible enemy you can encounter at least once), and the essence you collected - the essence you spent.

    Very good and complex scoring system because you could easily get 200,000 points per level for just time alone on all the encounters and overall time.

    I find doing this to be very fun. I am a guy who loves time and scoring my time is something I enjoy. I strive to do things better and faster(why I love metroid games).

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    One of the guys I work with has it, he talks about it a lot now. It sounds awesome, too bad I don't have an Xbox.

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