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    I think I found the hardest Megaman game in existence. No joke, this game is so insanly hard I kept shouting out the f word over and over again when I was trying to get across this one jump, they put all of the cyber elf powerups in the most insane places and the bosses are almost impossible to beat without health restoring powerups which are very effin' hard to find.

    Any thoughts on this game?

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    I've heard that all MegaMan Zeros are supposed to be extremely difficult to handle.....but now I think it must be really hard! But you know what? Everyone thinks that the MMZeros are better than the megaman's on the ps2! I think that's kinda weird.....are they really? I know the game is hard, but is it fun? When games tick me off like that, I usually like to throw temper tantrums like that too.......
    Have a lot of patience. You'll get through it.
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