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Thread: I am stuck on the spectral keeper boss help

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    I am stuck on the spectral keeper boss help

    I can not beat the spectural keeper

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    Have all your Aeons overdrive bars full when you enter battle. Then just keep everyones health up and cast hastega which Tidus should have for learnt by now. If you haven't got Hastega level up abit from fighting in the cave.

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    This thread should help, but I'll leave this open in case anyone else has different strategys/ideas

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    This battle can be impossible if you don't know what you're doing.

    Make sure you always have your party members spread apart in a triangular formation on the platforms. If two members are side by side, the spectral keeper can attack two people at once.

    Also note that the Spectral Keeper counterattacks all physical attacks with a move that usually inflicts beserk, so make sure to equip berserkproof armour.

    Anyhow, the key is to make sure everyone is NOT side by side on the platforms, and be patient. This fight takes a long time.

    {Note: I never use Aeon overdrives to kill a boss)

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    this is how i did it
    take the charachter with the most hp, for me this was aroun take with yuna (summons=overdrive) and your strongest black mage... (the one with best magic skills)

    1. use the move comand to move the black mage and yuna behind the spectural keeper and let aroun (or whoever has the most hp) attack him right in front of him with attack.
    2. use black magic and take down his life around 15.000.
    3. heal aroun (or the one with the higest hp) with yuna...after 15.000 is taked away start to summon.
    4. if you have overdrive, use them!! but if you don't use your best attack.
    5. if you have overdrive with your characters to use all of them and just charge him with all you got!!
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    I always find that the best thing to do is, keep everyone on every second square, behind the spectral keeper, sort of in a triangle shape (I wish I could draw a diagram - I'm hopeless :P). This way his back is always to you and his evil sweeping attack will bypass you. When the little platforms start glowing, quickly switch your character to another, safe platform, and then switch them back. When the platforms glow should be the only time that you break the triangle.
    The Spectral Keeper will change direction too, so move around the squares carefully to maintain the triangle. Have Yuna in your party to cast Esuna, because when the Spec. Keeper hits a character with Berserk (whilst it makes the character stronger), it also makes the Keeper angry, and you don't want that.
    The first time I played FFX, I found the Spectral Keeper really hard too, but the second time I played it, I beat the Spec. Keeper in one go. It's all about strategy. Also, I find that Berserkproof armor, overdrives, aeons, Haste and Remedies all work an absolute treat in this battle. I really hope I helped.
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    hmmm....have you tried killing it?
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