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Thread: MS paint Yuna

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    wouldnt you like to know...

    Default MS paint Yuna

    scanner wont work so i had no choice but to go into a stage of Ms paint madness!I know her arms are kinda chunky and it doesnt look much like yuna but meh tell me what you think of it

    Done all by mouse*~

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    wow....that's all i can say
    ...See You Space Cowboy!

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    Thats pretty good for a mouse....dont think i could pull that off

    hmmmm yea three things
    *the hand does seem abit chunky
    *the torso looks abit small i think it should be slightly longer
    *the of the thighs looks bigger than the other, though u cant see it u can imagine it...i thought u tried to pull of a stance where one leg is in front of the other but the feet are on level ground....i sound like an idiot

    but other than that.....tone is great...backed up by the colours....really good and the details show

    you got skills on that mouse.....i think more than i could ever have lol im sh*thouse on the mouse!

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    I can't even draw pikachu in MS Paint xD

    I do prefer your pencil work, though.

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