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Thread: Can some one please explain the end of Akira!!!

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    Default Can some one please explain the end of Akira!!!

    Please help me. I love that movie but cannot for the life of me figure out what happend at the end. What happend to tetsuo? What where those wierd kids talking about? And pretty much everything to do with the end.


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    Well, it helps to see the movie at least twice. From what I remember when I saw it, Tetsuo and all the kids are dead. Tetsuo's powers went out of control, and the other kids used their power to save Kanida and the girl. Akira came and once again caused the destruction of Tokyo, so the only people left alive were Kanida, the girl, and the military guy (general?). Anyone who remembers more clearly, feel free to elaborate.

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    *cracks Knuckles*

    I live for these moments....

    Alrighty, there are two main ways you CAN view it, on of which is verified in the special addition DVD (the second i will mention)

    Okay,t o get a few facts down, It's stated that Akira and Tetsuo's powers are derived from their evolutionary path. It is inevitable that humankind will one day reach this as a common power, but those two (and the children to a lesser extent) have simply jumped ahead of the game a few millenia. now, The Childrens powers are regulated by the capsules the doctor gives them. you'll remember that towards the end, he was trying to give Tetsuo his pills again, but tetsuo was on a nice murderous rampage. Heres where things start to branch, with Tetsuo's evolution (which was jumpstarted by his meeting with the thin child, it never specifys WHY this changes him, but it does) out of control, making him mad, and crazy powerful, and the children trying to stop him.

    Path one; My interpretation:
    Evolution is seen by the doctor to be a cyclic pattern. God begets man, Man evolves, Man becomes god. With this in mind, and the repeated mentioning of the Big Bang looking very simlar to what happened When Akira lost it, it seems to me that when the evolution goes haywire, Akira and Tetsuo (akira first, then later tetsuo) become god's. God's govern their own galaxys, and thus the shrinking of the energy field is the bringing together of matter to form a new universe, of Tetsuo or Akira's own creation. This would explain the scene of Tetsuo (assumed) to be zooming through space. he is viewing his own creation, his own universe he will govern as god. it would also explain Akira's ability to return from the dead. he wasn';t dead, his body was dead. he himself was actually governing the universe that was crated for him at the point that he destroyed old tokyo. this way, it makes you think that this cycle will continue over and over, man evolving to god, creating new universes, for all time.

    Version two, as meant to be seen by director/writer:
    Tetsuo and Akira both evolved on the cyclic path to the end of the human line. at this point in time, evolution reached the beggining of the circuit, the big bang, and both were destroyed as a result. This really makes no sense to me, as how could Akira return to confront Tetsuo in that fashion?

    in any case, the kids WERE sucked into Tetsuo's Big Bang, in their (succesful) attempt to rescue Kanida, his GF, and the general. Tetsuo's GF was killed (as shown by sound a: Squish)

    hope that helped you out!

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