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Thread: Things to do before you die!

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    Join a FF based message board. Oh--and probably live a good life.

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    I'd like to marry, become a mother, grandmother and a great-grandmother, make all those around me happy, and leave nothing undone. Become more open, and die happily with my husband. =) Typical, but it's what I want.

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    Find true love
    Marry the girl that gives it to me
    Get a job in sports
    Have kids
    And die at the same time as my wife so no one has to be alone.

    I'm such a lameo romantic fool, haha

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    1) Have sex.............. with 4 women at once.
    2) Fart on national TV, right next to Miss Universe, the President of the WORLD, and that little piggie they had on that commercial...
    3) Fly a modern fighter-jet.
    4) Do something extremely huge to make millions of people happy for a very long time.
    5) Do a 10,000 part jigsaw. Yes!
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    The rightful owner of this Ciddie can kiss my arse! :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trumpet Thief
    chaos: Lose Split Personalities, perhaps?
    Keep it....its your thing!

    [Life is Eternity in a nutshell]

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    - Fly a plane
    - Live my personal <s>(sexual)</s> fantasies
    - Beat Half-Life 4
    - Beat the last Final Fantasy
    - Fly a plane
    - Go hunting <s> people </s>
    - Build my HL4 SUPER computer
    - Change the world
    - Have some peace and alone time to reflect over my life and say my last prayers right before i die
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    And this is where I say "You've got a will, but it isn't free." :]
    Quote Originally Posted by Chakan the forever man
    If you never hear from me again, it is because I came to close to the truth.

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    I'm gonna do what most people fantisize about. I'M GONNA LIGHT MICHAEL JACKSON ON FIRE!!! He will probably melt bacause he has more plastic in him than Brittany Spears and my G.I. Joes action figures combines, times two.
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    1. I'd like to invent some kind of virtual martial arts arcade fighting simulator which simulates pain proportionate to how it would really feel to, say, have Street Fighter II Blance chew my skull open. I'll be able to quit when I really can't bear the pain! Not when some stupid health meter runs to zero!

    2. I want to write the all american novel.

    3. Actually, I just want to make at least a couple bucks on something that I write.

    4. I want to really feel like I know something. College trains you to be an intellectual, but that's pseudo-intelligence. I want to be able to survive in the modern world the same way I can survive on a mountain trail.

    5. Oh yeah. And I want to meet the love of my life. That'd be swell.

    6. I'd like to meet somebody who doesn't want to meet the love of his/her life.

    7. And I'd like to have a personal license to commit random acts of violence against bad drivers, con artists, rapists, thieves, and anybody else I see fit.

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