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Thread: FF games way easier then I remember them...

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    Default FF games way easier then I remember them...

    Hi guys, my first post. I started playing FF with FF1 on NES back when it came out, and played FF4, 6, and lastly 7 when I was a kid. Now I have a lot of time off between college and new job and I've been going back and playing them again for kicks.

    First I played the remake of FF1 on dawn of souls. I really liked the improved graphics and sound, but the game seemed tedious to me. I was encountering so many random monsters that I was a really high level at all times. I could kill anything in one hit basically, and that made the game way too easy and boring. I was at level 28 before fighting lich, and by the time I got to chaos my party was at level 72. Chaos wasn't even a threat.

    Then I played FF4 again. I remember this one being my favorite back in the day, because it was such a huge improvement over FF1. I remember I bought my SNES just for FF4. Anyway, after replaying it, the dialogue was way crappier then I remember. Also it seemed much easier, just because I fought all the random encounters where as when I played it originally I ran most of the time. Because of this I was again always at a high level. I had the wall spell before even fighting Rubicant, when the first time I played I had to level up for a long time before going to the land of summoned monsters. I beat the game without having to level up anywhere, I was around level 60 when I fought the last boss, and it was easy.

    Anyways, now I'm about to start playing FF6 and I want it to be a challenege, not a easy and tedious game that the previous two have been. Is there some difference between the original and the roms that causes the game to be easier? Or is it just that I am fighting more random battles? About what percentage of battles do you guys run from? I'm worried that if I fight all the monsters then I will be at a high level and this game will be too easy as well...

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    Dialogue was crappy in Final Fantasy IV? WHAT are you TALKING about? (click link)

    If you want a challenge in Final Fantasy VI I suggest the lowlevel game. (click link)

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    no no I don't want to beat the game without gaining any levels, lol. I just want to be at the "correct" level for each part of the game so that bosses are a challenge but not impossible. So about what percentage of random battles do you fight?

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    I never run from any battles in a normal game.

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    Maybe it is because I backtrack often looking for treasures? If not I don't understand why I'm always at such a high level...

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    Well they changed a lot of things about FFI Dawn of Souls. You level up a LOT more quickly, but the level cap was also raised. Basically they just completely redid a lot of the game. I agree it's easy though. I've only played about 10 hours and I can already go through the waterfall cave and win every battle in one turn. EVERY battle. I can also get through many of the dungeons without healing once (boss battles not included).

    As far as FFVI, it's just a very easy game compared to many. The skill system is not remotely complex, and most of the bosses can be killed quickly. If you want it to be challenging, try running away from every few enemies, or just the ones that intimidate you. Going back and searching for treasure WILL generally help you reach high levels faster. Aside from that, if you find the game too easy to be fun, you can always download i90east's Expert version, which is to be found HERE.

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    If you are looking for a challenge play FF6 with the initial equipment.
    You can also play FF8 without junction any magic or ability.

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    I agree that the Dawn of Souls remake of FFI is pretty easy, but there are ways you can make it harder. Try having a party of all one class, like four theives, four monks, or the ultimate challenge: four white mages. Or, you could just download the rom of the original NES version of FFI, it is much more difficult.

    I assume that the FFIV version you played was the easy type, since that was like the easiest Final Fantasy ever invented, but if you want a challenge, you need to play hard type. MUCH much harder, possibly the most challenging FF ever, IMO.

    With FFVI, just don't level up too much and it shouldn't be too easy.

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