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    Default Naruto

    Anyone heard of it?

    Im just into it and its absolutly awesome! Basically follows a guy named Naruto who wants to be a ninja but faces prejiduce among others because of what happened in the past in which he is blamed for a massacre of some sort!

    Think DBZ with more substance, better story, better characters and funnier characters actually character, which is Naruto!

    So if you havent heard of it download an episode or someting its really good!

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    I have heard of it but never bothered. It is over 110 episodes now and thats too much. I am already back logged on my Gundam stuff and my Bones stuff. I need to watch Wolf's Rain and Scrapped Princess. Not to mention all the games I have yet to play. There is just no time for Naruto.

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    Naruto was generally pretty good until around episode... 100. That's when they just started throwing in filler arcs that were just horrible, so I stopped watching there. According to my friends, the series has picked up again, so I might start watching some time...

    Oh, and the staring contests that lasted like... a whole episode were a little annoying... but still... there were some pretty good parts.
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