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Thread: Gmail

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    i took mi friend up on his offer and havent looked bak --

    Quote Originally Posted by piersontommy
    gmail? GOOD? {cough cough} not realy. it won't upload .exe atachements, and it has no virus scan. i like yahoo and hotmail.
    newaz u can upload .exe attachments aswell as anything else with a GMAIL DRIVE its lik a normal drive on ur computer cause it shows up in My Computer like C Drive or wateva and den u just login and upload ur file which shows up in ur inbox as a message with an attachment which u can forward
    okok heres da site Gmail Drive

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    If you really want to get rid of your invitations, you could just give them all to <a href="">this spooler</a>.

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    I have a gmail account though I don't do anything with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by *Dark~Chaos*
    newaz u can upload .exe attachments aswell as anything else with a GMAIL DRIVE
    Or, you could zip or rar the file, then you can send it, it's probably less likely to be blocked by other email services than an exe, and it can reduce the size too .
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