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Thread: A quick Guide For FF1 Extra Dungeons

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    Smile A quick Guide For FF1 Extra Dungeons

    This guide was made by me when I played the extra dungeons on FF1, DoS. I post it here so anybody who needs info about it can have access, and also to accept any comments and further information to make it more complete. Its just a serving for our beloved FF community. Kupo. You can also find this guide and other tips at Well, then, kupo enjoy!

    Hint: Final Fantasy 1: Special dungeon recommended order:
    Every time you defeat one of the four fiends, a special extra dungeon will appear. It is recommended that you to enter each in the following order.

    1. Earthsgift Shrine (10 floors)
    2. -Whisperwind Cove (40 floors)
    3. Hellfire Chasm (20 floors)
    4. Lifespring Grotto (30 floors)

    The reason for this order lies on the difficulty and convenience. Earthsgift is first because it is the easiest and it can help you see what the other three dungeons will look like. Even though Whisperwind is the last and longest one, once you complete this dungeon you will get two particular pieces of equipment that will be most useful for the Boss battles that await in the Lifespring Grotto (the Lightbringer sword and Ultima weapon). Lifespring Grotto has the most difficult Boss battles in the game (against Shinryu and Omega Weapon); it definitely should be done last. Try to attempt the last three dungeons (according to the order previously pointed out) with a level of at least 60 and have the Flare, Holy, Healaga, Temper, Full-life and Protera spells. Also, take as much MP restoring items (particularly Turbo ether) as possible to heal and attack.
    Information in this section was contributed by Moogle Lord Juandiego.

    Hint: Final Fantasy 1: Defeating special Bosses in extra dungeons:
    Have a Black Wizard and a White Wizard in your party. It is also useful to have A Red Wizard which can cast Haste and Temper. The fourth party member should be either a Ninja, Knight, or a Master well equipped. As soon as the battle starts, have the Red Wizard cast Temper on the fighting character , and the White Wizard cast Protera. The Black Wizard can cast Haste on the fighting character. For the rest of the turns, have the Red Wizard serve as a support member by assisting with healing spells and items to recover the other wizards' MP. Have the Black Wizard casting Flare all the time, as all monsters are vulnerable to it. Have the White Wizard cast Healaga (as most Bosses use party attacks such as Omegas Raygun that will damage each member about 350 HP). Whenever possible, have the White Wizard use Holy (which also attacks every Boss). The fighting character should always be attacking and be under the best spells to improve their hit points. Every time a part member falls, revive him with Full-Life. If it is the White Wizard who falls, revive her and make sure she gets all her HP back soon (cast Curaja on herself). Bosses have a lot of HP, and the battles last a long time. However, by using this strategy you can survive any difficult battle. Do not worry about fallen warriors at the end of the battles as there are no experience points awarded, which makes no difference between a standing or knocked out character at the end.
    Information in this section was contributed by Moogle Lord Juandiego.

    Hint: Final Fantasy 1: Earthgift Shrine:
    This dungeon is easy to complete. However, the Bosses found at the end of it might not be so easy to defeat if you are not prepared. Every time you defeat a boss, you will be kicked out of the dungeon and must complete it again in order to fight the other Bosses Also, once you defeat them, they will be there again the next time. They all like to use Quake; it is a good idea to be protected against it (Ribbon, Nulldeath).
    Information in this section was contributed by Moogle Lord Juandiego.

    Echidna (lower right): HP 4,800, X-potion (fully restores HP), weakness: none.

    Cerberus (lower left): HP 4,000; Kotetsu (small katana usuable by Warrior/Knight-Red Mage/Red Wizard-Thief/Ninja), weakness: none.

    Ahriman (upper right): HP 5,000, Dry Ether (fully restores MP), weakness: none.

    Two-Headed Dragon (upper left): HP 4,500, Bard's Tunic (a light loose-fitting tunic usable by anyone), weakness: none.

    Hint: Final Fantasy 1: Hellfire Chasm:
    This dungeon is a real maze which can result in frustration. Amongst its 20 floors, you will find one in which your party appears on a completely new world map. To get out of this floor, you must travel walking, by ship, canoe, and finally airship to reach the hole in the ground that takes you to the next floor. In a small island which can be found while sailing in the nameless seas on this new world, there is a pirate that tells you that some places in the world can only be reached with an airship. However, he lacks a Levistone to use at the oasis and thus cannot get an airship. However with acknowledgment of this, whenever you happen to reach a small desert with a single palm tree in it, you can save lots of time by just pressing A in front of it to get the airship. Once you get the airship, look for a hole in the ground of a small island and proceed to the next floor. Other floors are also annoying. For example, there is one where a thousand persons keep telling you to stop trying and to turn back and leave. In this floor, beware of the shinning floor. If you step on it, you will have to fight. On this dungeon there are two floors where you battle Bosses. In each of these, you can fight one out of two Bosses. This means that you have to do the entire thing twice in order to battle the four Bosses. They are as follows.
    Information in this section was contributed by Moogle Lord Juandiego.

    Scarmiglione (first form)
    HP 4,000
    Weakness: None

    Scarmiglione (Final form)
    HP 7,046
    Lunar Curtain: Casts NulDeath
    Weakness: Fire and Dia

    HP 7,968
    Light Curtain: Casts NulAll
    Weakness: Lightning

    HP 12,954
    Braveheart: A sword that casts confuse when used; usable by Warrior/Knight, Ninja
    Weakness: None

    HP 15,000
    Kikuichimonji: A chrysanthemum (Kiku) adorns its scabbard; usuable by Warrior/Knight, Thief/Ninja, Red Mage/Red Wizard
    Weakness: none

    Hint: Final Fantasy 1: Lifespring Grotto:
    This extra dungeon has a total of 30 floors. Several mini-adventures are included, such as "dancing days", where must make way through endless dancing girls; "library mice", where you meet the world's greatest geeks; and "Dark Bahamut's test", where your courage is tested by fighting a certain number and type of dragons. In this last one, try defeating all the dragons on the floor for two reasons; filling up any empty spaces in your bestiary regarding dragons and plenty of leveling up. An important adventure involves mermaids and the legendary Gilgamesh. To get through it, just listen to the mermaids talking about "the mysterious man seeking a legendary blade" and follow their instructions in order to fight Gilgamesh (who by the way finds a cheap replica of the sword "Excalipur"), and proceed to the next floor. You will also fight the monster boss Atomos. Defeating the enemies in the Grotto will provide you with great equipment, including a Black Wizard's ultimate weapon, the Judgment Staff.

    HP 8,888
    Genji Gloves: Heavy gloves crafted in a distant land; usuable by Warrior/Knight, Ninja
    Weakness: None

    HP 13,000
    Judgment Staff: A staff that casts Flare when used; usable by Black Wizard
    Weakness: None

    In the last floor, you can fight only one of the next two Bosses each time. For this reason, it is necessary to complete the dungeon twice in order to be able to fight both final monsters.

    Omega (left)
    HP 35,000
    Murasame: A sword also known as the Demonblade (Oniken); usable by Ninja
    Weakness: Ice

    Shinryu (right)
    HP 35,000
    Ragnarok: A sword etched with words of the gods; usable by Knight
    Weakness: None

    These final two enemies are the most difficult to defeat in the game. Noth have the maximum HP that any monster can have. Chaos the final Boss has only 20,000 HP. A White Wizard casting Healaga every time should be enough to keep your party alive long enough as to defeat them. Make sure to have her MPs recovered with Turbo Ether as they will run out. Also, have a good level (level 60 recommended).
    Information in this section was contributed by Moogle Lord Juandiego.

    Hint: Final Fantasy 1: Whisperwind Cove:
    Once you enter this dungeon, you will have to travel across an insane parallel universe filled with bizarre events and new powerful creatures. This crazed-out dungeon consists of 40 floors where you will encounter mini side quests such as the Fairy Town of Feyhem, the dwarf trading adventure "Monsters Have Feelings Too", save a little town from the phantom train, a giant beaver game, the fallen kingdom, and mage town. Every ten floors or so, you will encounter a Final Fantasy 6 Boss in some of the most difficult battles in the game. The following are their identies, weaknesses, and item given. Do not expect any gil or experience from any of them.

    Typhon (Mr. Chupon)
    HP 10,000
    Genji Helm: Heavy helm usable by Warrior/Knight - Thief/Ninja
    Weakness: Ice

    Orthros (Ultros)
    HP 17,000
    Rune Staff: Casts Healara, usable by White Wizard
    Weakness: Fire and Lightning

    Phantom Train
    HP 9,999
    Megalixir: Fully restores party's HP and MP
    Weakness: Fire and Dia

    Death Gaze
    HP 30,000
    Lightbringer: Sword that casts Holy, usable by Red Wizard
    Weakness: Fire and Dia

    Because of all the trouble that this dungeon represents, once you complete it, the mighty Ultima Weapon (sword bound to its wielder's HP usable by all the higher classes) is awarded to you. Additionally, several nice pieces of equipment will be found. It is recommended that you to attempt this dungeon with your characters at level 60, at least. You should also have 99 Ether and Turbo Ether and all the maximum level spells. Throughout the whole thing, there are only a few chances to go back to the surface and very little places to heal. You will need lots of magic and items.
    Information in this section was contributed by Moogle Lord Juandiego.

    Hint: Final Fantasy 1: Evil Eye:
    Magic spells are expensive. However, there is one particular monster that is capable of making it easy for your economy, and helps to level up very quickly. In the Cavern of Ice, directly in front of the chest which contains the Levistone treasure, you can find the Evil Eye (HP 162, Gil 3,225, experience 3225, weakness: none). You should be able to defeat it with a couple of good hits. Every time you defeat it, just walk away a step and return to the spot where it appears to fight it again. Repeat this for easy money and experience. It is rather easy to complete this short dungeon, and the Evil Eye willnot give you much trouble. No investments (such as Ether) are required.

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    Why'd you include the evil eye trick in there?

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    i had no problems with the Whisperwind Cove with my party. It was around 58 or 59 when i entered. I ran from most battles because I don't want to level up unnecessarily, and not because the fights were too difficult, in fact i usually fought the harder monsters. But I had no problem with needing extra items or using up my magic. My Knight and Master could take out almost anyone with one hit, and my White Wizard and Black Wizard usually were relegated to healing the party with Heal Helms and the Healing staff. And once you get the Rune staff (casts Healara), the game becomes insanely easy.

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    Default Evil Eye

    About the Evil Eye trick, it was a mistake. However, its a damn good trick so listen to it. Kupo!

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