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Thread: #1 Reason people post pictures online.

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    I think it's generally different for alot of people. As Leeza said, it's generally just nicer sometimes to put a face to a post if you've been around for a while, but then again sometimes it can be kinda weird knowing what someone looks like. I dunno really. I think sometimes people make assumptions from what they see someone doing in a picture too, like if someone's using a sombre pose some are like "man, they are JUST as boring as they make out" or some people may post themselves doing something whacky to acheive some sort of effect. I do my best not to judge, but y'know.
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    i myself dont tend to send in pictures unlees asked, im not that keen on photo threads because of the reasons stated above ^_^

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    Well maybe And maybe you are just curious about how people look and its funny to know how they look

    It's not that I am expecting any cumpliment, but hey compliments are always welcome lol

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