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Thread: FFV Rom Trouble: saving?

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    Default FFV Rom Trouble: saving?

    Hey all, I play the FFV Rom at work (I own two copies of the game, so no crabbing about illegal ROMs). I recently tried to get on the game after a hiatus and the file acts as if I have nothing saved; it just goes into the intro as if i'm starting the game anew. Am I just doing something wrong? Has this happened to anyone else before and is there anything I can look into to fix it? I had gotten pretty far, so I'm a bit frustrated.


    Edit: Also, since I'm a total newb on this whole thing, is it saving my game in the file? so if I opened it in another program, it may work?
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    my snes9x doesn't act as though it saves, but it does. Try loading it again in a separate window, if it loads at the spot, it saved.

    I believe snes9x at least, has a folder for each game where they're from that it saves as.

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    Saving is simple with the Snes emulator, for you simply select either "save to__ (F1. F2, F3 etc) or you could save via the traditional way.

    I'm not entirely sure about your predicament, as I have not encountered it.

    Did you possible move the "snes" program file, or save games? If so, this could be the problem, if the snes cannot find the save files.

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    I use ZSNES, but will try opening it in SNES9x. It did this to me before and when I reloaded it, it worked fine. But this time it seems to be really stubborn.

    I didn't move the program or even do anything with it, though. All of the game and program files are in the same folder, untouched. Ugh.

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