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    ~get phantom brave~
    I didnt play the other two games but i got phantom brave and its awesome.
    Way innovative battles!
    With NO~NO~ grid system! And the whole concept of havin to summon yer characters
    and all the classes! And its so in deph!!! GET T AT!!! GET PHANTOM BRAVE!!! Takes ~alot~ of thinkin...but its...kinda repeitive. Not much of a plot...well kinda.....ehhh i donno ~AWESOME~ GAME THOUGH!!!
    i LOVE the art work in this one...but....i have to say the resolution is kinda messed up....i find that the edges of the characters seem to quiet jagged...~sigh~ Love this game!

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    Repetitive and not much plot? :/ Kind of a problem for me. Glad some people enjoy those games though considering the work that goes into them

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    I read a review on Phantom Brave that said it was all right, but not that great. Disgaea is regarded by many as the best, so I'd suggest that one.

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    I've actually met a lot of people that own two or more. And if Phantom Brave is one of them, it's usually their favorite for some reason. So there must be something about it. I've heard it has a bit more serious plot. But I loved the comical antics in La Pucelle and what little I've checked out of Disgaea.

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