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    turbonegro is a norwegian band who have existed since 1990. the love to shock with their death-punk music,they love to shock on stage..forexample when the singer hank from hell is firing fireworks from his ass..and the wierd image..where do they get that from.. anyway they just released their newest album "party animals" here in will problaby be released all over europe too..maybe in the states. dont know if any of u have heard of them...but they have done a few shows in the us and the uk. if u have never heard of them..then i say download or buy their <img src="/xxx.gif"><img src="/xxx.gif"><img src="/xxx.gif"><img src="/xxx.gif"> now:P u wont regret it. btw its not a racist band!
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    Awesome band. So much energy, and their lead guitarist is brilliant. Age of Pampyrus I heard as the Wildboyz theme, which is how I got into them. Fantastic band, utterly mad. The name might put people off I suppose but I thought Megadeth and Pink Floyd were stupid band names at some point, so meh.
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    they play in bams house in viva la bam too. i love that episode. the lead guitar player is awesome i know
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    They're alright. Not my cup of tea, though.

    (viva la bam is <b><<b></b>bad></b>)

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