Ok, here you go:

First place winner and holder of both Hottest EOFF Member 2004 and, now, Hottest EOFF Member 2005, is Psychotic!

Second Place goes to, Iri Valentine! (SPOILER)(She deserved first *cough*)

Last but not least, Third place goes to, FOA!

The exact results of the final round are as follows.

Psychotic: |||| ||||
Iri Valentine: |||| |
FOA: ||||
Resha: |||
Smitten Kitten: ||
Ultima Shadow: ||
Quina: ||
The Captain: |

But wait! Prizes!

First place gets: A swift kick in the ass for winning both years.
Second place gets: My phone number
Third place gets: A ticket for free ass kissing, redeemable via PM to TP.