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    i know theres probably a avatar and signature request forum but can someone make me a sig/av with a back ground like the part in ffx were tidus and yuna kiss in that cave thing and three pics for the sig then a avatar witht the same background but a different pic

    avatar: the head of him

    sig:#1 [/IMG][/IMG]

    #2: [/IMG][IMG]


    please anybody? and at the body of the them can you put the name tidus in kool writing. but dont use the requirements for this site because im not using it here

    omg its not working so if someone will pm me for the links
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    The codes aren't working because you have / in the beginning of the img codes. The / only go at the end. So like [*img]image link goes here[/img*] without these *

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    If you know that there is an avatar/sig request forum, then that's where you should be making your request.

    Help Forum

    And, yes. Remove the / in your begining IMG tags and the images should show up.
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