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    Bleh, I give up. Stupid hosting, Ill have to make due with it stretched to about 4 times its actual size (its supposed to be 200x100)

    Anyway this is for my ID at SheezyArt and before I went any further I wanted to ask if the background looked ok. It seemed a tad simple. That and any other suggestions you could make would be great.

    Oh and I know theres a lack of eyes and feet.

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    That's good. How do you make the flash turn, like when you went from side to front view? Did you make a keyframe in between both views so it looked more smooth?

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    Thanks. I actualy used 4 keyframes inbetween the side and front view. I was told, in something else that used one frame inbetween a 180 degree turn, that it looked too jerky (by RubberNinja no less). I'm guessing that this is a little overkill but it looks smooth enough so I'm happy. As long as you keep the proportions from each drawing on a seperate layer its easy enough.

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