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Thread: what was the weirdest thing you did ever?

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    When I was six, apparently I went around shibuya with a towel saying I was going to go swimming in the bath tub.
    Not so wierd. But apparently I did it twice.

    Another time I sat in Tesco's with my friend, we brought our own table and chairs and box or Frosties. And we put them into little cups and we were speaking in posh british accents, offering out the cup and saying 'want to try some chicken breasts?'

    Another time, I called a payphone, as many of you will remember.

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    Umm... yeah... well this one time, at band camp!
    Just kidding. When I was about 5 I used to run around the house with a potato bin on my head pretending to be a giant robot and chasing Yuki.
    I was also, always the Prince when we played Prince rescues Princess from Dragon guarded Tower.... but thats just Yuki's sexuality showing through lol...

    Tôi đói.

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    I joined this forum more than a decade ago and have been resurrecting threads for almost a year now.

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    Without giving it too much thought, here’s one of my weird moments;

    We pre-partied all day. Grilling, swimming, and drinking, lots of drinking, all from the early AM. We had a big house party planned, people started showing up, I decided to shower and change. I got out of the shower and someone knocked. I wrapped the towel around myself, opened the door, and never got about getting dressed. I cruised around in my towel, throwing back shots, slugging beers, until I realized the towel was gone. Didn’t care, I was an “exhibitionist”, of sorts (always started the “skinny dip”). So, from 10pm to around 2am I partied completely nude. Then, decided to take a nap on the neighbors porch.

    My friends found me, carried me inside, I put some shorts on, party continued.

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