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Thread: When do you get your airship that you keep

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    Default When do you get your airship that you keep

    i already got the transport ship and now im haeding to burmcia i was just wndering if there was one that you got to keep and go wherever you want with

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    year there is one but you dont get it untill disk 3 i believe.

    if you dont want me to ruin it for you then dont read the following:

    its like after youve been Kuja's bitch and he makes you get the gulug stone or wutever it was, and he leaves, then you find Hilda and she turns Cid back to a human and he builds a new ship with parts from the others and you get to keep that. but only for so long

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    Then i think at the end of disk 3 you get the invincible airship in terra

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    When you get a job that could pay the loan.

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