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Thread: $@&! My ear!

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    Nope, notjhing broken ine me

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    nothing broken
    but i once trod on a glass when very drunk at a friends house pasty. the glass smashed and i got a big shard in my foot (i was barefoot) being rather drunk i didn't notice it and proceeded on stepping the shard into my foot further. after the party my foot got all swollen and hurt so bad. i managed to find an end to the shard in my foot, got a few ice cubes and knumbed my foot, got some tweezers and pulled it out. i must say the pain was horrible.

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    I've never had any injurys in my lifetime & hopefully I won't be getting one soon.
    Who discovered zer√ɬł? Why then have we not written an article on zer√ɬł as one of the first in the archive? The reason is basically because of the difficulty of answering the question in a satisfactory form. If someone had come up with the concept of zer√ɬł which everyone then saw as a brilliant innovation to enter mathematics from that time on, the question would have a satisfactory answer even if we did not know which genius invented it. The historical record, however, shows quite a different path towards the concept. Zer√ɬł makes shadowy appearances only to vanish again almost as if mathematicians were searching for it yet did not recognise its fundamental significance even when they saw it.

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    I was riding my bike with my sister the day before my birthday and we were going to go straight but she took a right. I watched her go and BAM!!! I ran into the back of a parked jeep.

    I decimated my entire right cheek and I now have metal plates as reconstruction, broke my right arm in 5 places I have a metal rod in it still, I broke my left arm in 2 place, and I broke one rib.

    No pain, I was all wasn't I on a bike? How the hell did I wind up in someones yard. It hurt like hell when I came to though.
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