View Poll Results: Who is the hottest girl of FF8!?

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  • Quistis

    23 45.10%
  • Rinoa

    18 35.29%
  • Selphie

    7 13.73%
  • Edea

    0 0%
  • Ultimecia

    2 3.92%
  • Other Girl(Post the name)

    1 1.96%
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Thread: Who's The Hottest Girl

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    Not according to the votes, it would seem, AerisIsMyGod. Seems like people are attracted to the idea of the kinky, sexy, young schoolteacher....good for them.
    Don't blame me if they get poor marks in their SeeD test because they were too busy eyeing up Quistis to concentrate, heheh.
    According to character tests, I am both Carbuncle (cuddly) and Fuujin (not so cuddly)
    How can I be both cuddly and non-cuddly?...unless you happen to find Fuujin cuddly.

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    Time Kompression Ultimecia is pretty hot. Just look at those boobies!

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