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Thread: Curse Spikes

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    Quote Originally Posted by rubah
    But it requires you to gain experience, which isn't fun in a no/low-levels game.
    For future reference, any game-related advice I give will be geared towards the 99% of gamers who don't do things like Low Level Games and No Abilities Challenges.

    Which isn't to say that I don't absolutely love those in the 1%

    Now do your homework.

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    with all our 'omg low levels is teh ROCK' that 99% SHOULD be playing that way!

    How did you know I have homework? ;_;

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    ive started a low level game but i wont try and get dark matter or anything involving me getting huge amounts of experince. No encounter is cool for this
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    Default Forbidden vs Tri-Face

    I realise this is an old thread but it popped up on google so thought I'd add to it in case someone stumbles on it like I did.

    Long story short, there are two places in this game for farming Cursed Spike and depending on your level of progression (assuming you haven't reached disc 4 yet) one would be better than the other.

    If you haven't killed Ultima Weapon Deep Sea Research Center is the best place to farm cursed spike.

    If you have killed Ultima Weapon Winter Island is the best place.

    So if you haven't yet killed Ultima Weapon then the best place to farm curse spikes is by far in the deep sea research facility.
    Go to the screen after where you expend your final RSP.
    Use the save point to save and stay in this screen to encounter Tri-Face 100% of the time for a mugged 6 curse spike every kill.
    You don't even have to kill just mug then run.

    In my case I killed Ultima Weapon. After you kill Ultima Weapon these areas no longer trigger encounters so deep sea research center becomes useless.
    1. Go to Winter Island, It is the Island with Shumi Village on it (Your menu should tell you you're on Winter Island).
    2. Stay on this island but head west (on your ragnorok or balamb garden ship)
    3. At the far west of winter island look for the snow capped mountain (furthest to the west).
    4. Get out and run around there hugging the mountain for 100% forbidden encounter rate. roughly 2-4 curse spike per battle.
    5. Make sure you don't have rare item equipped, its bad.

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