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Thread: "Amarantine" new Enya album!

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    Default "Amarantine" new Enya album!

    Enya's new album titled, Amarantine, is out on November 22, 2005.
    I can't wait for her new album, her last album, A Day Without Rain, included the hit-single, Only Time, and the album sold 13 million records around the world. Not only that, she's one of the best-selling female performers of all times, with 70 million records sold since 1988 (Watermark).

    70 Million records!!!

    I can't wait for her new album!
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    Wow, I had no idea she was still making music, let alone one of the most succesful sellers. Then again so is Michael Bolton. The song of hers I know is that one about the Brazillian River. "Sail away, sail away" etc. I remember it making me feel very very very very very very very depressed.
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    Wow. I've been waiting so long for her next album that I completely forgot about her. >.> She has one of the most unique voices I've ever heard, and I really enjoy her music. I'll definitely be getting this album ASAP.

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