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Thread: Whats that freaking smell

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    That was really random.

    Owen made this sig. R.I.P.

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    I went for bacon sandwhich. I now smell bacon and sandwhich.

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    More often than not those smells that seem to be coming from nowhere actually mean something to me, for example, if I smell sick it means someone im close to is ill or has been sick. This has been proven so far everytime to be correct. So I think you should play close attention to these smells and improve your psychic senses. And I feel I should tell this story for my own amusement if not for anyone else's. Me my dad, and my brother were at my dads mums house and we could smell something quite horrible coming from upstairs. Earlier on my dad and brother had told a story about my dads sisters husband coming to stay at the house and he had stayed in one of the bedrooms with an inbuilt wardrobe in it. But when he came downstairs in the morning he said to my nan "loving the ensuite" thinking the wardrobe was infact an ensuite. So we joked that the bad smell was coming from the inbuilt wardrobe and that he had gone the toilet in it in the middle of the night thinking it was an ensuite. And we now refer to that wardrobe as the "unsweet" And on an insane appearing side note faeries like doughnuts. I know this because when my brother and I spoke to faeries we could both smell doughnuts....

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    I was at a Halloween sleepover this October, and every 10 minutes I could smell Wheatabix. I was the only one and kept getting told I was wierd. My friend woke up from a Nightmare, Sat up and said "Can anyone else smell wheatabix?" I squealed and hugged her to death.

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