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Thread: EoFF Character Information: Server/Linkshell/Levels/Rank/etc.

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    FFXIV Character

    Umami Spitebreath (Kujata)


    Name: Mhenlo (didnt notice the Sacriment in the name)
    Race: Hume Male
    Jobs: Monk 24/War 12/RDM 17
    Server: Phoenix
    Nation: Bastok
    Rank: 2
    Linkshell: nonezorz!

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    Quote Originally Posted by chionos
    awesome Eternalshiva, CoP is both the most annoying and most rewarding storyline in the game.
    No kidding, even getting that Rajas's ring is annoying!

    the new areas make it so easy to get merits. i've been 75 for about a week and have 6 total merits, 2+ in crit%(3pts) and 2+ in Triple Att(3pts) and that even w/out actually being on much. Caedarva Mire is so wonderful 1789 on a TADE too, i really really regretted not adding SA on that one bc it would've broken 2000, but oh well.
    I haven't exp'd there yet but I hear alot of good things on it. I have to this week cause it's Dynamis-Xcabard next monday and I'm the puller pt whm D: I need a buffer lolz
    Too big.

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    Name: Laboomsikashod
    Race: Tarutaru M
    World: Fenrir
    Jobs: 75WHM, 62BLM, 61RDM
    Mission status: Finished Windurst, Sandoria, Bastok, Zilart, PM8-1, AM1-2
    Rank: 10x3
    Linkshell: EyeOfTheStorm
    Crafts: 100+3 Alchemy, 60+1 Gold/Smith/Cook/Bone/Cloth, 60 Leather/Wood

    Mostly a crafting char now... not doing much else.

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    Name: Gav
    Race: Taru
    Server: Fenrir
    Country: Windurst
    Rank: 2
    Linkshell: TimeConsumer, LEMMIEWINKS, Kinghts of Blood
    Levels: whm 31, blm 16, thf, 10, war 7, drk 4, mnk 5, brd 9,

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    Name: Tidan
    Race: Hume
    Server: Fairy (originally Migardsomr but switched for friend...who I haven't seen on lately and lost his lazy to drive over to his house).
    Jobs: 15 BLM on this server, use to have a lot more on old server but that ID is gone.
    Country: Bastoke
    Rank: 2 or 3 I think
    LS: none currently, if any of you are on Fairy and have a good LS send me a tell.

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    Name: Kyoshiro
    Race: Elvaan
    Server: Siren
    Country: San D'oria
    Rank: 3
    Linkshell: TofuUnited, Magicite Empire
    Levels: 30war/13mnk/15nin

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    Name: Palidor
    Race: Elvaan
    Server: Leviathan
    Country: Windurst
    Rank: 3
    Linkshell: Diary of a Madman
    Levels: RDM 29/ BRD 29/ WHM 14/ SMN 10/ THF 7/ MNK 6/ DRG 4
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    Default Updated

    More of a crafting progress update, as I haven't leveled much...

    Name: Sangdrax
    Race: Elvaan M
    Server: Leviathan
    Nationality: San D'Oria - Rank 5
    Notable Jobs: 45Monk, 32Dragoon, 30Paladin, 30Ninja, 27Thief, 26Warrior
    Notable Crafts: 73Cooking, 55Smithing, 24GoldSmithing, 19Alchemy, 11Woodworking, 5Leather

    *Looks at above post*
    Yay for someone else being on Leviathan!

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    Name: Kallick
    Race: Elvaan M
    Server: Kujata
    Nationality: Bastok - Rank 5
    Mission: Must wait untill level 50 and then I have to do that Fei'yin Seal thing.
    CoP: Holla and Mea left...
    RotZ: Haven't started yet
    Toau: Westerly Winds/Private Second Class
    Jobs: 28RDM(first job), 37DRG (my old main before toau), 47BLU(my main), 22NIN, 22WAR, 8PUP, 17SAM, 16WHM, 8BLM, 9BST, 23DRK (subbing with BLU), 7THF
    Crafts: *cough*5Goldsmith*cough* And I may be 1 or 2 in bonecrafting... Woodwork 7
    Linkshell: The Fire Within & BluMoon
    Mule: Quillick (and I have an alternative character called Tavertaru)
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    Name: Tmoney
    Race: Taru M
    Server: Pandemonium
    Jobs: WAR 11
    Country: Windurst
    Rank: 2
    LS: The Shadows

    Proud to be the Unofficial Secret Illegal Enforcer of Eyes on Final Fantasy!
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    Default Update time :D

    Name: Gusgus
    Race: Elvaan Male
    Server: Unicorn
    Jobs: 75 RNG 75 WAR 61 DRK 37 NIN 37 THF rest under 20
    Crafts: Woodworking 90+2 Alchemy 60 Bonecraft 28
    Title: Kirin Captivator
    Rank: 10 San D
    Mission: ZM 15, CoP DONE!, ToAU M8.
    LS: Social: Waffles & Xstreamknights, Sky: FantaSky, Dynamis: HydraCorps
    Please check out their respective websites!
    ShadowSouls, I'm sorry to see a shell I was a part of since the start dwindle to so few members. I wish all of you the best of luck and hope we keep in touch. It is truly sad to see once a large powerful shell turn into only a couple members.
    Hit me up if your on the Unicorn server!

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    Hello everyone... I'm new to the forums but a long time player so I thought that I would say hi and post an introduction of my characters. If anyone is on the Fenrir server and needs anything crafted or some help in general, feel free to get ahold of me. Or, of course, give me a /tell sometime just to say hi.

    * Main Character *
    Name: Kane
    Race: Hume
    Server: Fenrir
    Country: Bastok
    Rank: 10
    Linkshell: GodsOfVanadiel
    Levels: DRK 75, NIN 75, WAR 37, THF 37, SAM 37, RNG 37, ALL OTHERS 15-37
    Crafting: Leathercraft 100+3, All others 60, (Cooking 0)

    * Second Account *
    Name: Forbiddendoll
    Race: Taru
    Server: Fenrir
    Country: Windy
    Rank: 10
    Linkshell: GodsOfVanadiel
    Levels: BST 75, WHM 66, NIN 37, BLM 37, ALL OTHERS 1 - 37
    Crafting: Cooking 65, Goldsmithing 60
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    Just go the game...

    Server: Pandemonium
    Name: Phanoix
    Race: Elvan (M)
    Job: White Mage 5
    Country: Sand'ora
    Rank: 1
    LS: TheThreeStooges
    Crafting: ... I made 2 arrowood lumbers!

    That's about all for now.

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    Multi-purpose Update

    Name: Sangdrax
    Race: Elvaan M
    Server: Leviathan
    Nationality: San D'Oria - Rank 5
    Notable Jobs: 50Monk, 38Warrior, 32Dragoon, 30Paladin, 30Ninja, 27Thief
    Notable Crafts: 89Cooking, 55Smithing, 28Alchemy, 24GoldSmithing, 11Woodworking, 5Leather

    Just completed CoP's Promyvion-Dem, scheduled to do Promyvion-Mea this weekend!

    Also broke the level50 cap just recently.

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    Name: drayke
    Race: tarutaru/male
    Rank:0(lol jus started)
    Linkshell:none ; ;
    Level:4 almost 5

    i woud like to have a LS with some very nice pepole and would help me out alot if any in my server plz /tell me or private messege me on eyesonff

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