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Thread: fave ffx quotes

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    I love the "not till the end, always" quote. It's so romantic even Kimahri smirks at it! And the "I can fly" quote too.

    As for the funny ones:

    Wakka: I wish I was on a chocobo now..
    Lulu: Walk or I'll feed you to one!
    (You get that if you cross Mi'hen foot and have both Lulu and Wakka on a battle)

    Tidus: I knew you were bad the moment I saw you!
    Seymour: Oh ? My sincerest apologies...
    Tidus: Seymour...
    (When you battle Seymour Natus, I think)
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    tidus: eny meny miny...MO!!

    yuna: just come running.
    (This ones soo sweet )
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    lol i have 3
    Wakka:HEY!hey,hey,she'll tell us when shes ready so hold your chocobos till the ya!
    Tidus:they said he went to macaraina temple
    Brother:frada frada??then rikku replies:where where is that all you can say?!
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    Tidus: "Dad.......I hate you." Cracks me up when hes about to fight braskas final aeon.

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    "Exciting, isn't it, folks?"
    "Our next team off the ramp is..."
    [Screen fades to black, and fades back in on the Aurochs]
    "Well, well, well! If it isn't the Besaid Aurochs!"
    "They're a living, breathing, statistical impossibility! I've never seen a team this bad!"
    "That's right! In twenty-three years they've never made it past the first round!"
    "Only a few die-hard fans are in the audience today."

    "Best of lucky to them, and a safe journey back to Besaid.
    tidus to kimahri at mushroom rock
    Tidus:Smile let me see!
    [Kimahri smiles]

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