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    The weird stuff that I draw, I mainly had my head in the clouds when I drew them, usually about my story, and drawing things from that. I often get an urge, or an idea, but its usually something far too cpmple for my meagre skills, like a design for a dragon, or some crystal life form. I would love to be able to get these ideas on paper, but im very severely limited in what I can do

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    I'm studying arts at the moment, and I want to be a professional artist one day. It's my passion, my way of expressing my feelings. I don't even want to be rich or famous, I'd like to start painting and move somewhere, to spain for example, and start selling my paintings on the streets, make money so that I'd just get by. I don't want to be tied up in regular work for the rest of my life, going to work at eight and come home at three every day for the next 30 years. That's just not me. Art is a way to free myself from those limits and I'd get to define my own. I create art because it frees me, makes me alive, makes me feel good and I get to do something that feels just right, something I love.

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