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Thread: The Ciddies are a sham

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    What does Sandwhich man have to do with the ciddies being a sham? Does he drug Award Guy's mid-ceremony snack? I think not! ...and that's ridiculous that Sandwhich Man is Del Murder. The one has a mustache and the other does not. A wonderfully floaty mustache, as Resha puts it best.

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    Because everyone knows who ever gets the most nominations will most likely get the most votes, People didn't nominate them unless they liked them. =O

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kawaii Ryűkishi
    Yeah, I guess I don't really mean "The Ciddies are a sham" so much as I mean "The vast majority of the EoFF populace is comprised of irredeemable idiots who shouldn't be trusted to clothe themselves, much less participate in any sort of poll."
    To their credit, at least they didn't make me win any 'important' awards.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Loony BoB
    Quote Originally Posted by Ultima Shadow
    Seriously... I think you should have a completely new set of awards next time. Or, atleast, replace the far too obivious ones. For example, the best member award is always between BoB and Psy, and so is best Male.
    RSL won Best Male. But there's no way I'm taking away the top three. xD

    Best artist is always black orb and best gamer is always kishi etc.
    But those awards are for recognition for actual work. Not my fault everyone assumed Kishi was still doing stuff in the gaming forums. But yeah, there's no way I'm going to take away the Most Helpful ones or the Art & Writing ones either, because those have more reason than stuff like "Cutest Male" or "MLT Be Roadrunner". I like keeping some awards that actually reward people for effort!

    There were other ones that were extremely obvious in the past that I dropped after 1-2 goes, the top 35 now are generally either there for a good reason, be it because they are given to people as an actual reward for effort or else because they create some really good battles.

    Also, they can be beaten - Samuraid surpassing clout is a fine example of a long-term winner that some people think is a given losing out to another member.
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    #Bring Back The Ciddies

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