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Thread: English Football Thread! 2006-2007 Season

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    Liverpool aren't the best team in Europe right now, and certainly weren't when they won the competition in '05, but who said competitions had to be won by the best team? The fact is that Benitez knows how to play in the Champions League, and his team, while unable to match the front-runners in the Premiership this season, can raise their game in Europe and beat the very best that the continent has to offer. They showed it against Barcelona and Chelsea, as well as against United in the game at Anfield, and all of those sides were fielding strong teams when they did it.

    Sure, they've not had as hectic a schedule as some of their rivals, but to suggest that's the reason for their success just isn't fair. Otherwise, you might as well argue that you only pipped Chelsea to the title because you were knocked out of the Carling Cup in the fourth round, giving you the advantage of a less congested fixture list.
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    I will say that Liverpool are, in my opinion, more suited to the European game than United are. However, that's not to say that United can't win a CL trophy next season and it's not to say that we couldn't have done it this season. It's just saying Liverpool play a more typical European game. Slower, more defensive, more patient.

    It's interesting to read that not a single CL winner this decade has won the trophy without a defensive midfielder. Maybe this is why Hargreaves is considered such a vital player for us to pursue him for so long. I'm not sure I buy into that completely, though... I think we are capable of winning the CL without a defensive midfielder. If we play like we did against Roma, we can beat anyone. If we play like we did against Milan, we'll lose - even with a defensive midfielder. It just comes down to which team shows up on the day.

    And yeah, while the CL is an incredible cup to win, of course it doesn't make you the best in Europe. That's like saying the FA Cup winner is the best in England. I don't think anyone would suggest either thing, though, including Psy.
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    Real Madrid (in 2002) and Barcelona (last year) are probably the only two teams so far this decade who were the best team in Europe when they won the CL. But hell, if you win it you win it I doubt the likes of PSV or Steaua Bucharest or Borussia Dortmund mind much having won the European Cup at some point.
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    i really hope AC can get there revenge,liverpool are not anything remotely like the best team in europe,im not a man u fan but i have hated them ever science the gorge best incedent,i hope kaka gets the winning goal

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    Yeah, I would not honestly try to suggest Liverpool are the best team in Europe if we were to win the CL. That's just madness. Top 10 though, definitely.

    I think Manchester United do need Owen Hargreaves or a similar combative midfield player to really step up their game in Europe. The result against Roma shows they can do well enough against decent sides, but I think you just need that sort of player if you wish to take on the really top sides, and you're bound to meet one in the CL sooner or later. Who were the other three semi-finalists' best player in that round? In my opinion, Mascherano, Gattuso, Makelele. I think the most obvious lesson in how important defensive midfielders are is the 2005 final. We start with Gerrard and Alonso in the middle and Kaka decides to pull us apart. Second half, on comes Dietmar Hamann. Holds the line, keeps Kaka in check, allows Gerrard and Alonso to go forward and the rest is history.

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