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Thread: $600 PS3

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Shoeless Hobo
    Quote Originally Posted by Malboro_Menace
    Here in Aus the PS2 was released at $749. (,00.htm)

    The PS3 20GB is supposed to be $650 and the 60GB is supposed to be $850. I will be buying a 60GB PS3 but only when the price has gone to $500-550.
    In Australia, it's actually going to cost $999 for the 60gb PS3 and $849 for the 20gb. See here: Games Wizards Australia.
    Ofcourse, because the Australian Dollar is less worth. It's the same as me complaining "lol it'll be 5000 NOK here".
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    Quote Originally Posted by Del Murder
    I'm not spending $600 on a game system. With that I could buy a Game Cube with every single game I've ever wanted to play for it, and have money to spare. It seems as though Sony is pricing themselves out of the market, but this is their realm so I guess they know what they're doing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JKTrix
    Unfortunately for me, I still get new games all the time.
    We should all have your problems.

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    Quote Originally Posted by feona17
    Oh man.. I want PS3 solely for FF13. But then, hold on a second, when is PS3 coming out if FF13 FFXII is coming out Halloween in NA? The price is way too high, but hopefully my brother will buy it. He's already bought PS, PS2 and the portable.
    Just thought I would correct you.

    Anyway, there is no freaking way I can justify paying $500-600 for a gaming system. No TV's on the market can support Blu-ray, and very few can support HD-DVD. I see no reason why to spend good money on a gaming system that isn't going to have anything interesting for at least half a year when I can buy a system that's nearly three times cheaper that will have interesting games at launch. I don't even have a job yet. I would probably have to fork over a full month's paycheck for a summer job for one. In short, I'm not getting one until it the PS3 sees a huge price drop (by huge, I mean at least $100).

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